Social Media Management Services

Having trouble keeping up with posting on social media? Keep your fan's engaged and coming back for seconds! My social media management services are for food brands and food bloggers

Along with highlighting your content I specialize in curating content that matches your brand's message on Facebook and Pinterest. Your fans will grow, engage, and share! 


Pricing varies based on several factors. I will evaluate your social media account and develop a marketing plan specific to your brand. Pricing depends on your needs, followers, and content. Pricing is between $300 - $900 per platform, per month with no long term contracts! 

Advertising Dollars

Pricing does not include ad campaigns you will like to run on the social media platforms. I will optimize your ad for the best performance and monitor your budget to ensure you receive the best bang for your buck!  


Page/profile management
Curated content
Strategic content scheduling
Maintained posting schedule
Optimized ad campaign targeting
Engage with fans
Monthly performance analytics and adjustments to marketing plan as needed.


Gain new followers.
Have an engaged audience.
Optimized ad campaign targeting.
Find your die hard fans and convert them into customers.
Have an active social media presence.
Gain more traffic to your website

What is next?

Email links to your Facebook and/or Pinterest pages to Within 2 business days I will evaluate your page(s) and provide you with a marketing plan and pricing.