Do you have a signature recipe, menu item, or product you need photographed? I take the headache and coordination out of scheduling a local photo shoot. All you have to do is send an email. 

My clients are Home Based Food Businesses, Caterers, and Independent Restaurants. My service area is St. Clair County, IL and surrounding areas. 


  • I will pickup your menu item/product and bring it back to my studio. I will style and photograph your menu item. Once editing is complete you will be provided with images to select. On-site photo shoots are also available. 
  • You only pay for the pictures you want. 
  • The photos are then yours to use on your website, facebook page, Instagram, and all your business marketing materials.


Per menu item per session: $75.00 for the first image then $10 for any additional images of the same menu item.

Example: You want chocolate and vanilla cupcakes photographed. You select 1 image of the chocolate cupcake and 2 images of the vanilla cupcake. 

Final cost: $160.00 ($75 + $75 + $10 = $160)

The Benefits

Save time, money and resources. A photo shoot can take your whole day. Our service eliminates the time, prepping, coordination, and execution of an on-site photo shoot. All you have to do is send an email and go about your business. 

Book Now

Send an email to with the following:

  • Your name, business name, contact number and best time to call. 
  • Link to your website and/or fb page
  • Your menu items or products you want photographed.
  • Add any specific requests you may have. 

Within 1 business day I will email or call to confirm the details. 

Once the project is complete you will receive an email with a link to password protected page on this website to view your images. 

Please plan ahead. Depending on the season I can be booked out several weeks. 

For new clients I recommend starting with 1 to 2 recipes. The first recipe should be your most popular menu item and the second recipe be one that you wished more people would order. 

Not Ready?

In the meantime head over to our Stock Photo Library to see if there are images that already match items on your menu. They are available for purchase and immediate download. 

Sign up for our Newsletter to receive promotional discounts get notified when new stock photos become available. 

Other Services

Other services include photo editing for images you already have and custom graphic overlays. Please see my Custom Creatives section for more details. 


Have a question? See our FAQ page or email 



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