Here are 5 tips on How to market your restaurant business on Instagram

How to market your Restaurant on Instagram.

1. Instagram is a visual feed. This is your visual portfolio of your menu and your brand. You want your pictures to be great! Delete photos with poor lighting or don't look appetizing. 

2. Write a great profile description by answering who you are, where you are, an offer, and link to your website or fb page. example:

ABC Restaurant

#1 Rated Deli in D.C.

Tag us on Instagram. Show us the pic and we will give you a free brownie.  

Check our full menu:

3. Use the right hashtags. Use your local area hashtags (ex: #StLouis, #gardendistrict). 

4. Add your location when posting to Instagram. Users can search for locations and view the pictures. This is FREE marketing to people in your local area. 

5. Post often. I recommend posting 1 to 2 times a day. Coming up with content can pose a challenge. Re-gram your customers best images and take advantage of my $5 Custom Creatives to enhance your photos!