Having trouble keeping up with the demand of content creation for your food business or blog? Using food stock photos helps you keep pace with your competition and peers. 

Below you will find examples of how to use food stock images if you are in the food industry. Whether you are a restaurant owner, food blogger, brand or caterer these food stock photo tips and tricks will keep you in the game. 

With Social Media Pros telling us to post multiple times a day coming up with content can be a challenge.

Stealing Photos is Putting Your Business at Risk

VERY IMPORTANT: It is illegal to take someone's photograph and use it as your own without permission. This is a very common practice I see people do and they just don't know better! 

When you do this you are risking: 

Getting a cease and desist letter. 

Getting an invoice from the photographer. 

Getting into a lawsuit. 

Receiving a DMCA takedown notice. This will take your website, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. down while being investigated. 

Not worth putting your business at risk! You need to do 1 of 3 things. Ask for permission to use a photo, take your own photos, or buy food stock images.

Examples of using Food Stock Images

Who are you? Below you find examples of how to use food stock images whether you are a food blogger, caterer, brand or restaurant owner. Whatever your food business, stock photos of food will help grow your business.

Food Blogger

Use food stock images to help tell your recipe's story. If you have a killer margarita recipe use a stock image of limes to add to your blog post, teaser post on Instagram, and use it in a collage style pin on Pinterest. 


Sometimes capturing pictures of your spreads can be difficult and in bad lighting. Food never looks good under those yellow lights in the banquet halls. Use food stock photos on your website, social media, menus, and other marketing materials. Making your customer's mouth water is a sure fire way to get them to order! 

Restaurant Owner 

Get people to chose you over the competition with mouthwatering food stock photos. Use these images to promote upcoming specials, facebook and Instagram content, images on your menu, and table cards to promote an appetizer or drink special. Restaurant menu images help your customers make decisions on what to order! 

Have a bar but don't have a bar menu? You are leaving money on the table. Customers don't want to figure out what to drink. They want to be told. Having a bar menu gives them a list of options. 


Use food stock photos to tell your brand's story on social media. Coming up with content for social media is demanding. Stay ahead by adding food stock images to your content calendar. 

Get Creative

Now that you purchased your food stock photo you can use that same image in different ways. Add overlays, your logo, and graphics. 

Ex: You purchased an image of cheesecake. You can add promotional graphics like, "$5 Cheesecake Friday". If you don't know how to do this I offer Custom Graphic services for as little as $5. 

Also, put the photo on repeat! You can use the photo more than once. Yep, that is right! I manage several fb pages and will recycle the photo back into the content calendar. As facebook page owners you know only a percentage of followers see your content on any given day. Recycling content isn't repetitive if spaced out correctly. 

Let's Work Together! 

I can help tell your visual story. Start with emailing me your food story whether it be a sandwich, cocktail, or taco!